Valentine’s Heart Attack Lawn Signs (Valentine’s Day Idea)

Valentine’s Day Heart Attack

Wanna spread a little love?!  Then use our free printables to…

Heart Attack a House

this Valentine’s Day!

Free Printable Valentine's Heart Attack Lawn Signs - the poem on the door sign is pretty clever too!

Spreading Love Was Never So Easy!
Just stick our printable door sign on the front door…
Valentine's Heart Attack Door Sign- the poem on it is so clever!
The clever poem explains it all. 
Printable Valentine's Heart Attack Poem
Then, just attach our printable lawn signs onto wooden sticks or dowels and push them into the ground all over the yard.
You can use small sticks like Diva Gabby did… 
Printable Valentine's Lawn Signs


OR tall sticks like my mom did…
Printable Valentine's Day Heart Attack Lawn Signs
BOTH are super cute!

We even have TWO versions for you to choose from.  

One for heart attacking the neighbor’s house AND one for heart attacking your own house for your spouse.  Can you imagine his face when he drives home from work to see the entire lawn covered in hearts?

If you really want to go out all, you could even add these cute Hanging Candy Hearts Valentine’s Lawn Decorations on the trees!


You don’t just have to use our printable hearts for lawn signs – check out these other 10 fun heart attack ideas!


Valentines Day Decor | Easy DIY

Valentine's Heart Attack Ideas

1.  Heart Attack the Sidewalk–  After sticking the lawn signs in the ground, it would be fun to draw hearts all over the sidewalk and driveway with sidewalk chalk.

2.  Heart Attack the Grass–  Or use a sifter and some flour to leave hearts all over the grass.

3.  Heart Attack the House–  You aren’t limited to the yard- why not stick hearts all over the house?

4.  Heart Attack His Bedroom Door–  Take the heart attacking inside the house too and heart attack your bedroom door.

5.  Heart Attack His Window– How fun would it be to heart attack his office window at work?!

6.  Heart Attack His Car–  Or try heart attacking the inside of his car!

7.  Heart Attack the Bathroom–  Imagine his surprise when he goes to get ready for the day and gets “showered in love”!

8.  Heart Attack the Hall–  You could even tape our printable hearts on strings and hang them in the hallway.

9.  Make a Heart Attack Maze–  Or make a whole heart-attack maze.

10.  Send a Heart Attack Package–  If your love is long-distance, why not mail a heart attack?

Now, go give someone a heart attack!

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